Dwight's Beach Concession
Huntington Beach, California

     Dwight’s Beach Concession came on the scene in 1932 at the hands of a local entrepreneur, Dwight K. Clapp. Dwight took notice that beaches up the coast were building lifeguard stations on public beaches. Seeing an opportunity, Dwight asked the City of Huntington Beach to build their first lifeguard station with a small portion dedicated to beach rentals and food sales, which he planned to rent for $100 per year.  The $600 lifeguard station was built on the sand, just south of the HB pier in 1932. With 5¢ bottled sodas, 10¢ burgers, 50¢ umbrella rentals, Dwight’s Beach Concession was born.
     Seven years later, a new concession was built and Dwight’s moved into a much larger building due to increased business. In 1967, the present building was constructed in approximately the same location. Dwight’s son, Jack Clapp began Jack’s Beach Concession in 1957 (located at PCH and Huntington St.). Dwight retired in 1975 and his son, Jack, purchased Dwight’s.
Now in its fourth generation, both Dwight’s and Jack’s Beach Concession continue to be operated by family members.
     Dwight’s Beach Concession is the oldest active business in Huntington Beach, with over 80 years of service to the public and visitors to our world famous beach.

  World Famous Cheese Strips!

-Dwight's "Original" Cheese Strips-
   Over fifty years ago on the shores of Huntington Beach, Dwight Clapp began to experiment with various spices and tomato puree to deliver a sauce for his thin, hand-cut fried tortilla strips. After many attempts, Dwight finally had a sauce that was both slightly sweet and savory…and today’s strip sauce was born. The reaction by the public was positive, and later grated cheddar cheese and chili were added.
   Over the years, Cheese Strips with sauce has become a customer favorite. High school students from the 50’s and 60’s now bring their children and grandchildren to have Cheese Strips and relive their favorite memories. Today, locals and visitors from throughout the world enjoy Dwight’s World Famous Cheese Strips.

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